Thursday, March 02, 2006

Other politicians...

  • Without even having seen the proposed consolidation plan for city housing agencies, John Dougherty accuses Mayor Street of union-busting.

  • During the run-up to his indictment, Councilman Rick Mariano conveniently fired two employees just after they spoke to federal investigators. Now they're getting a hefty cash settlement of their threatened lawsuit, from the city, of course.

  • Governor Ed Rendell apparently met with members of the Young Americans PAC and answered their questions on a number of issues. An interesting chance for insight into a number of issues on which he hadn't yet taken a public stand. Typical centrist delicacy.

  • Dan at YPP is underwhelmed by state House primary candidate Andy Warren, who seems to think that hit-and-run blog attacks on his opponent, Patrick Murphy, are the best use of internet discussion space.

  • Above Average Jane looks at goings-on in the 152nd District, where there are contested primaries in both parties and proposals aplenty from the candidates. I refer you there for details.


Blogger Chris said...

Mayor Street actually does something right, probably, and yet Dougherty finds something wrong with it.

This guy can't be the next mayor, he just can't be.

4:10 PM  

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