Thursday, March 23, 2006

Other political news for Thursday

  • The Inquirer has a [mis-headlined] article in which they report the views of the Democratic candidates for Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional seat on impeachment/censure discussions currently in the air. The question was raised by a Quaker antiwar forum. Warren says impeachment proceedings should begin; Murphy would like to hear more before committing.

  • A flurry of challenges and other legal proceedings related to ballot nominations are beginning to be settled, leaving incumbent Rep. Josephs and her challenger Farnese still standing, Rep. Blackwell's opponent vanquished, one candidate for the Lederer seat withdrawn, and a smattering of other results decided or still to be considered...

  • Dan at YPP is encouraging folks to work for Anne Dicker in the 175th state House race (for "the Lederer seat" mentioned above).

  • Ray Murphy notes that David Cohen's Council seat is still open, a gap that becomes even more glaring with the removal of Rick Mariano from the field of action. There was a rally in support of Florence Cohen for the seat today (see prev. here), as Albert also noted. oops, sorry for the late notice...

  • Finally, Michael Smerconish at the Daily News gives us a look at the upcoming documentary "Shame of a City," which follows the Philadelphia mayoral race of 2003. He calls the film "political dynamite" in that it uncovers the way that the federal wiretapping was leveraged into a race issue to ensure Mayor Street's re-election. I don't tend to share Smerconish's point of view, but this description has certainly piqued my interest in seeing the movie when it debuts at the Philadelphia Film Festival at the end of the month...


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