Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Neighborhood Networks asks the questions to empower *you*

logoNeighborhood Networks is putting its Elections Committee through their first set of paces this year, and they have provided some good stuff to those feeling lost in some of the local primary elections. Surveys covering both general and specific issues were mailed to a number of candidates who have requested NN backing, and the answers that were returned are being posted on the organization's website, as a tool for neighborhood groups trying to decide whether to make an endorsement in the races affecting them. Such information is bound to be of use to regular voters wanting to know more about the options before them as well.

Currently posted for contested primaries are surveys from Babette Josephs and Larry Farnese in the 182nd State House district (which is centered in the western half of Center City but sprawls in many directions; map here), and from Anne Dicker and Terry Graboyes in the 175th (a more easterly slice of the city; map here). There may be more on the way. I intend to read the info from these four candidates, since the two races split up my own Ward, and will post my impressions after doing so, hopefully later this week. (I also know Babette personally and expect to meet Terry at an upcoming neighborhood event.)

Oh, and if you haven't yet, you should join NN. They hope to be a conduit for information to regular folks, an outlet for action and activism of regular folks, and a counterbalance to the money-driven mechanisms by which our political system seems to be run. You can't start making a difference if you don't get in the game.


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