Friday, March 31, 2006

Mostly politicians Friday

  • One of Mayor John Street's closest advisors (on his way out) reflects on Street's image and how it has shaped/constrained what he was able to do in office.
    [Note, comments possible on this piece.]

  • Mayor Street and State Sen. Vince Fumo both throw their weight behind the promise of green urinals for the Comcast Center, making them the first politicians to call on the plumbers to change their stance. They're trying to engineer a sit-down with union leaders, building regulators, and the property owners to make things happen.

  • An Inquirer article suggests that Lynn Swann may need to clarify his positions soon, as conservatives won't be happy just floating along behind his likability, etc. He's addressing a big gathering of conservative groups today, and many will be looking for the substance to start there.

  • Meanwhile, Gov. Ed Rendell has found a counter to challenger Swann's hockey arena pronouncement of yesterday (see here), suggesting a plan that would ensure a new arena with or without casino help by cobbling together funds from several sources. In related news, John Baer looks at the bonus that incumbency brings, in terms of resources and favors that can be promised around (not to mention, a record of having done things)...

  • Despite being free until June, Philadelphia City Councilman Rick Mariano has decided to pass on attending Council hearings. No word on what he plans to do with his last couple months of free time...

  • The Daily News reports on a poll finding that Pennsylvanians are still bitter about the pay raise issue, but that few hold their own local representatives accountable, meaning that the state's high rate of reelecting incumbents might survive the storm. [Also noted: a third of voters express indecision in Rendell v. Swann.]

  • Gar Joseph collects a few additional tidbits, from Donald Trump's attempting to buy a neighborhood's affection to Johnny Doc presuming he can win his way back into the party's good graces.


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