Friday, March 24, 2006

Latest salvos in the US Senate Race

  • Pennsylvania's Senator Rick Santorum is in the midst of a traditional incumbent dance -- how to trumpet his experience and power within the Senate leadership without appearing to be a tool of his party (particularly in times when that party isn't looking so good). Latest installment: inviting President Bush to the state to help him raise money, while delicately avoiding any joint public appearance. This early, he can get away with that combination, which would bring howls in the starker light of fall...

  • The Inquirer actually devotes an entire article today to Bob Casey's little-acknowledged primary rivals, Sandals and Pennacchio. The occasion is this weekend's meeting of the Democratic State Committee, which will be deciding whom to endorse for the May primary. The challengers "ask Democrats to be Democrats," the insiders predict a Casey victory, unmentioned is the remarkable decision by the party committees in several SE Pennsylvania counties (including Bucks) to make no endorsement in this race.

  • The Daily News reports that a religious charity under suspicion of making donations to Rick Santorum's reelection campaign has just received a large federal grant due to his efforts. All very cozy...

  • DN cartoonist Signe makes a jab at the Democratic Party for its handling of this primary, hitting the bullseye of the frustration felt by many regional progressives.


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