Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday's opinionistas

  • The Inquirer an editorial savaging a piece of legislation currently under discussion, but which I previously hadn't heard of. The bill concerns disputes between homeowners and contracters over defective or incomplete work -- in the attempt to reduce litigation, may have made it difficult for consumers to protect themselves at all. Sounds like an industry trying to simplify their own lives. Marc Stier joins the call for Rendell to veto this bill.

  • Gar Josephs blames Kate Michelman for Rick Santorum's original Senate victory, and adds his voice to the calls for her to stay away from this year's race.

  • Dan at YPP is glad to see the last of Pennsylvania's payday lenders. Amen.

  • Philadelphia Will Do can't wait for a Milton Street campaign, given the comic ineptitude of the man's attempt to get himself on the ballot for state rep. (what district? hmmm. where do I live? over there, really!)

  • Finally Marc Stier publishes the fourth installment of his series on the future of the progressive movement in PA, this time giving us a fable by which to construct what might be a positive agenda...


Anonymous Testy Feminist said...

Huh. I don't think Gar he blamed Kate Michaelman so much as reported DeWeese's blame of her for losing that race.

Good thing it wasn't DeWeese and the rest of state party being weak... [/sacrcasm]

As much as I love and respect Senator Wofford, there were other problems in the campaign, and christ, hanging the trainwreck that was 1994 on the lack of political ads from ONE activist? Please. Not even remotely credible.

Bill, here's a little tip: anyone who actually *knows* who the hell Kate Michaelman is (or did in 1994) had their mind made up a long time before these ads might have gone out. With as many single-issue anti-choice zealots out there as there are (especially in PA, hardly a bastion of choice), who knows how much of the opposition Michaelman's ads might have whipped up.

But, sure, blame it on one of the state's most powerful, hard-working, brilliant, charismatic women. It's what PA's VIP Democrat men always do.

10:36 PM  

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