Monday, March 27, 2006

End-of-Monday leftovers

Because sometimes you have to catch up on the work you're paid for...
  • Pennsylvania appears to be on the forefront of a new wave of gambling, with interests in many states watching the introduction of slots across the state and rubbing their hands eagerly.

  • With the rush to build fancy highrises and high-end condos, are the average folk getting left out of housing choices? A few organizations are trying to fill the gap for middle-class buyers.

    America's Hometown also notes that some downtown building owners are renovating with the "middle market" specifically in mind, although from the renting point of view.

  • Love Philadelphia's murals? Check out the fundraiser and info session that's planned for this Wednesday -- info at YPP and AH. A great organization, an inspiring leader, and a chance for a fun evening.

  • Dan at YPP reports that UPenn is cutting lower- and middle-class kids a break by replacing loans with grants for students from families earning under $50k. A huge gift to graduate without a heap of debt.

  • Um, something happened this weekend (of the meeting variety) concerning the future of media. Even the name confuses me, so see Albert and others for more.

    Blinq makes sense of it all... (sounds spiff!)


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