Friday, March 17, 2006

Challenges all 'round!

John Featherman isn't the only primary candidate finding his nominating ballots and other qualifications questioned by an opponent:
  1. Larry Farnese attacks incumbent State Rep. Babette Josephs over incomplete financial disclosure paperwork. She promises an amended filing, quips about having been busy with substantive legislation.

  2. The Daily News notes not only that challenge, but also a number of other chewy fights.

  3. Patrick Murphy's primary opponent, a recently converted Republican, is challenging him to a sleaze show-down, which is unlikely to go well for Mr. Warren.
In related news of who's in or out, there are rumors that Michael Nutter may soon step down from City Council in order to declare himself for next year's mayoral race, and an East Falls businessman is ready to step into the gap. No end of ambitions and sparks!


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