Monday, March 13, 2006

Belated Monday round-up

Stayed home today for a variety of reasons, so a late round-up of the highlights from the papers...
  • Pennsylvania is the focus of more First Amendment rights fears, as the state government siezes hard-drives from a Lancaster newspaper in order to determine whether they were making illicit use of a government website. Reporters worry about the sanctity of their sources, but it's hard to know how else a crime of this sort could be confirmed.

  • A Daily News columnist expresses disbelief that the state legislature would pass the proposed homeowner/contracter bill with little discussion or apparent consideration of how it would further victimize consumers who are already in dire straights.

  • John Baer runs through an "annual Vince Fumo Rorshach test" and finds signs that the state Senator is starting to think about reform and the needs of his constituents. (This is a fluff piece, but there have been positive signs from Fumo this year, so stay tuned.)

  • A North Philly case raises some interesting questions about how eminent domain, religious programs (think Salvation Army), and community development intersect.

  • Tom Ferrick thinks that the case against Rick Mariano looks like an inexorable wall bearing down, and that the details make it look like the Councilman had a major case of The Stupids.

  • I guess that the Inquirer and Daily News have found a buyer, which leads Dan at YPP to speculate about whether the DN might be kept alive...


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