Thursday, February 02, 2006

Somebody's watching (rules and regulations edition)

  • Philadelphia's campaign finance regulations were under siege yesterday from PA state Rep. Dwight Evans (a presumed mayoral wannabe), who called them unworkable and possibly in conflict with state authority -- the Committee of Seventy may put those claims to the test by suing for enforcement on the already building mayoral campaigns. City Controller Butkovitz appears to agree with Stalberg's broader definition of "candidate," which could squeeze the fundraising of some current unannounced contenders. Rep. Evans also took the occasion to call for public financing of elections, which could render the issue of campaign contributions moot (while removing the influence of rich patrons and business interests).

  • Over in Harrisburg, the PA state House is considering implementing new disclosure rules for lobbying, as an effort to regain the public trust (and beat back the Clean Sweep forces).

  • State legislators also appear to want to get a rein on who can vote for (or against) them: they're pushing ahead with a set of voter-ID measures despite opponents' argument that such requirements serve only to turn qualified voters away at the polls. (The measure also for the first time bars released felons from voter eligibility.) The House and Senate have approved different versions of the bill, so more discussion will be had, but a veto from Governor Rendell seems likely.


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