Friday, February 17, 2006

Phriday Philadelphia bits

  • The Affordable Housing Coalition wants Mayor Street to put more of the city's budget into developing more affordable housing capacity here, and to put some brakes on the use of eminent domain to replace current homes that could be salvaged.

  • The Chamber of Commerce followed up on yesterday's call for adherence to campaign finance limits by releasing a pledge by the majority of its members to limit their own donations in the upcoming mayoral race.

  • Jill Porter reports that the city's Family Court, badly in need of new facilities to replace those currently in use, just lost its best prospective site to other tenants. It sounds like a serious problem.

  • Utility giant PGW has been working on a plan to ship liquified natural gas through a new facility in Philadelphia, and City Council has given official notice of its lack of support for such a move. While the official agreement has not yet been brought to them for approval, they voted on a resolution expressing "unqualified opposition" to location of such an LNG facility here. PGW remains undaunted, but could have a steep uphill battle ahead...

  • Above Average Jane reports that Young Democrats will be having a big gathering here this weekend. She takes the opportunity to congratulate a local branch for their thoughtful blogging of political issues.


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