Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Keeping an eye on the Joneses

Two of Pennsylvania's neighbors are dealing right now with the question of gay rights and specifically gay marriage, and with Harrisburg's recent interest in this issue (see, e.g., here), there might be lessons to be learned from their experience.
  1. In New Jersey, a Supreme Court case directly addresses the right of homosexual couples to marry. This article gives a run-down of the questions to be decided, and a link for those wishing to watch the arguments live.

  2. In Ohio, a constitutional amendment similar to the one being considered here has led to widespread (unforeseen) problems not only for homosexual couples but for unmarried heterosexual couples and others. In particular, the ability of individuals to claim domestic abuse has been severely affected. Goody, maybe we can make backwards progress on several fronts at once!
    (via benPA at YPP)
More updates as these stories develop.


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