Friday, February 17, 2006

Around the politicians (other)

  • Well, it looks like Joe Hoeffel, onetime Senate hopeful, has decided to make [semi-]official his interest in the office of Lieutenant Governor, despite its relative lack of prestige or power. Perhaps he hopes it would put him next in line in 2010. No word yet on how current-LG Knoll feels about the challenge, but the party seems happy with her performance and likely to endorse her. Dan at YPP, however, is thrilled with Hoeffel's entry into the race, for a number of reasons, and AAJane is also pricking up her ears.

  • Ginny Schrader has pulled out of the race for the State Senate seat of Joe Conti, without giving her reasons. On her way, however, she stopped to endorse one of the candidates for the Bucks County State Rep. race, choosing County Commissioner Andrew Warren over Iraq vet Patrick Murphy for her blessing (in the district she once hoped to win herself). Electability is the drumbeat. Also intriguing, Schrader claims that the Dems have another "great candidate" in the wings for the Senate race, so I guess we'll have to stay tuned.

  • Signe Wilson's cartoon today takes aim at the political king-makers in the state, specifically Gov. Ed Rendell's annointment of Bob Casey, Jr., for the US Senate.

  • Strangely, DN columnist Gar Joseph devoted his column today (then given top billing on the DN website) to Rep. Chaka Fattah's mother. I couldn't bring myself to dignify that with a read.


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