Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday bits (Philadelphia edition)

  • The reassessment of property values in Philadelphia, source of much nervous anticipation and City Hall brainstorming (see, e.g., here), appears to be being delayed by a year. That is, the actual valuations (which are being done with particular care) are being delayed a few months, which means that they can't really be included in this year's budget planning, and thus notices won't be sent until 2007 (conveniently after the City Council primary elections). I don't know how/whether this will affect some public meetings being held on the various proposed bills/strategies this week and next...

  • Mayor Street once hoped to oversee a major redevelopment of the Delaware River waterfront, but now he's been forced to scale back his ambitions by 75% after years of fruitless wrangling over funds. City Council members cite a lack of detail in the proposal, not atypical of Steet's big dreams.

  • Folks being shuffled around at the School District command center, after a top honcho left on short notice. No current news here, although some new stratigic plans are due at the end of the month.


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