Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Two tidbits

At America's Hometown, another look at recycling -- how much money it saves the state, and how little attention anybody in Philadelphia government is willing to give the program.

Via PoliticsPhilly, another installment of the Philly Record's "Know Your Ward Leader" series looks at Ward 30's Terry Gillen. [This ward is essentially between South and Washington, west of Broad.] Not mentioned here is that Gillen ran unsuccessfully in the primary against state Rep. Babette Josephs in 2004, and she also ran for City Council in 1999, so she's got ambitions beyond her neighborhood...

Update: a third worthy tidbit comes from Scott at MyDD, who looks at the 2006 US Senate race and the (non-obvious) support of business interests for Santorum.
Business clearly prefers a tax-cutting GOP populist to an old-school economic liberal. What's more, if the embattled incumbent survives Casey's challenge, business lobbyists know that Santorum could well run for President -- and nobody wants to get on his bad side by sitting out the Senate race.
Interesting twists a-plenty, this race...


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