Tuesday, January 17, 2006

They get letters

Here are some opinion pieces taking issue with the more commonly heard viewpoint on these matters:
  1. A writer from New Jersey makes the case against deepening the Delaware, pointing out that a range of experts have argued against the claims of economic benefit and have identified numerous risks.

  2. John Baer thinks that the "brewing Casey-Santorum battle" is in a calm before the storm, but sees signs already of the fireworks to come. He wonders, however, whether Casey will really have enough game.

  3. Another NJ resident argues that gun purchase limitations don't work to stop crime, pointing out that D.C. continues to have problems after banning such sales entirely. A worthwhile point, even if I don't agree that solving Philadelphia's gun problems is as simple as "arresting and incarcerating criminals." (There are a lot of teenage boys packing out there, and I'd rather see an end to *that* rather than presuming that they're already lost to the "criminal class.")


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