Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Still quiet in newsland

  • In Sunday's paper, Inquirer columnist Tom Ferrick made the argument against cutting off tax abatements, at least too quickly, pointing out that the lost revenue can be more than made up by wage, sales, and other income from residents in the new developments. He also notes that while Center City is booming, much of the rest of the city could benefit from stimulus for renovation and rebuilding.

  • Via YoungPhillyPolitics, an Inquirer article that notes that plans for citywide wireless are currently stalled as details of the contract with Earthlink get hammered out. Hopefully they can get it together by the time City Council reconvenes later this month.

  • To fill in the lack of more substantive news, I recommend a trip over to Philadelphia Will Do, which has a set of letters to the Northeast Times, from which you're challenged to pick out the real rants from the fakers. The answers are out, but don't check until you've guessed!


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