Thursday, January 19, 2006

State Rep. becomes regional blogger

State Rep. Mark Cohen apparently has decided to abandon his labor-intensive effort to comment on all major PA legislation in favor of a more generalized (real) blog, called 21st Century Pennsylvania. Perhaps his experience in discussions here and on other regional blogs gave him a taste of the drug, or perhaps he decided he'd rather make a more general case for his stances on large policy issues. I see that the first smattering of posts concern minimimum wage considerations and some hybrid energy possibilities. I hope he adds to it regularly.

(via Dan at Young Philly Politics)


Blogger Rep. Mark B. Cohen said...

Comment on PA Legislation will continue to list generalized descriptions of pending bills so that interested citizens can comment on them or merely become more aware of them. It will also have occasional statements on subjects that I believe are important.

21stCentury Pennsylvania will just have personal statements, generally reflecting what I am doing but sometimes just listing thoughts I have.

I admire the almost daily output of a smoke-filled room and many others blogs, but I almost certainly will not be able to maintain that pace.

I have previously blogged as part of the communities associated with and

My staff member Leon Czikowsky occasionally assisted me in writings, and he is the primary author of the descriptions of legislation in Comment on PA Legislation.

My staff members Dan Ocko and Michael Cassidy, along with Leon, are assisting me with 21st Century Pennsylvania. Anyone who has suggestions for the blogs, or for legislative action, can either call me or them at 717-787-4117 or 717-787-3085 or email me Because of being flooded with email, I wish to encourage phone calls on important matters.

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