Monday, January 09, 2006

Misc. Monday bits

  • An interesting piece in the Inquirer looks at the history of privatization of water in the Philadelphia region, especially at its effects on consumer costs and the question of what means of redress might exist. These companies appear to be quite profitable, so the author suggests that residents should attend rate and other utility hearings to speak up for the public good.

  • A local union president wonders about the effects of a stagnant minimum wage (with declining purchasing power) on the rise of crime during the same period, writing an identical letter to both Inquirer and Daily News.

  • John Baer gets out of the city to visit the farm show, and mostly notes that the crowds are flocking to Lynn Swann, gubenatorial hopeful.

  • Will Bunch notes that the Alito hearings will have a Philly flavor (the political connections, that is, not the snacks)...

  • Finally, Dan at YPP throws up his hands over the strange interconnections of politicians and their powerful supporters in the region...


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