Thursday, January 05, 2006

Get your red-hot opinions here!

The Daily News opinion page asks Who ran Mariano's office? They are surely not alone in wondering, and suggest that Committee of Seventy's call for hearings might be the way to go. Columnist Mark Alan Hughes looks at the 2007 mayoral race and hopes that it will see more nuanced and practical approaches to the issues facing Philadelphia. And finally, the City Paper's political notebook gives some forecasts of who will be "in" and "out" among the political players in the year ahead. A good helping of snark on the side with that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for the City Paper "Who's In, Who's Out", could someone please tell me what qualification Sharif Street has for public office other than nepotism?

It seems to me he's stockpiling cash and lying in wait in the hopes that Anna Verna will declare a special election for Councilman David Cohen's seat this year.

Philadelphia needs change, not "new" insiders in leadership positions.

8:35 AM  
Blogger ACM said...

no arguments here! I wondered the same thing about George W. Bush once...

9:15 AM  

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