Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday politicians

  • US Senator Rick Santorum, trying to clean up appearances of his link to lobbying on K-street before the sleeping beast of voter awareness rouses, has decided to stop including a job fair at his biweekly lobbyist gatherings. Much protesting of his innocence accompanied the move.

  • US Representative and Philadelphia mayoral wannabee Chaka Fattah appears to be behind the delivery of discounted Venezualan oil to low-income Philadelphians. It is intended to go to families who have used up their LIHEAP allowances (see prev. here).

  • The flurry of investigation and indictment in the vicinity of PA state Senator Vince Fumo continues with the federal investigation of a former top aide for her involvement with the corruption-ridden nonprofit Citizens Alliance. The article gives a summary of all the currently known shady dealings of the company.

  • Philadelphia's Mayor John Street is arguing in favor of the liquid natural gas shipping plan, despite the nervousness of City Council and many civic organizations. He's focused on possible rate-drop benefits to PGW customers, but all many folks can think about is the magnitude of the disaster should a single tanker explode or be bombed...


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