Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Closer to home (around Philly, that is)

  1. An Inquirer editorial looks at Phila's Home Rule Charter and whether it, in fact, is in need of overhaul as Mayor Street claims. The last attempt to modernize things was crushed at the polls, so delicate handling is required in both timing and presentation. (They support such an effort.)

  2. America's Hometown notes that there will be another ethics measure on the ballot in the May primary election, one which would establish an independent ethics oversight board. Look for more on this, which I will be working to help pass, as spring progresses.

  3. Friedman also notes that Wharton topped the business school list this year, and Temple's entry also made the honor roll.

  4. And finally, PoliticsPhilly lets loose a rant on a college-age guy who wants to be taken seriously as a candidate for State Rep while keeping a stable of ludicrous adolescent email addresses.


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