Friday, January 20, 2006

Belated Friday bits

Hmmm, the day kind of got away from me. I have to blame KoL -- I mean, the tons of work I had to do! Anyway, nothing huge, but here are the things that caught my eye today:
  • New scandal! Ron White continues to bless us from beyond the grave; the latest federal sniff involves nefarious activity linking airport contracts with campaign contributions. No! No Street offspring are mentioned, but there are plenty of other names to be sullied. (Second story on the topic here.)

  • The Daily News provides a run-down of the Dilworth tributes offered up yesterday. (This link is a bit like the weekly political notebook, with an assortment of other political gossip stories as well.)

  • On their opinion page, the Daily News editors are a bit breathless about Street's new anti-violence initiatives, especially its combination of "hot spot" policing with involvement of social services.

  • Finally, PoliticsPhilly catches an interesting article that I had missed in the Tribune, looking at what might shape up in the battle for Michael Nutter's City Council seat once he officially declares his candidacy for mayor. One possible has already filed!
That's it for now! have a great weekend, everybody.


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