Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday news

  • Well, the top story today is the surprising news that the PA Supreme Court intends to hear testimony about the pay-hike issue, after summarily dismissing most such cases in the last two decades. In fact, they're going to hear both the challenge to the constitutionality of mid-term pay-hikes and the challenge to the roll-back of judicial salaries, getting everything out on the table at once. Get out your popcorn and prepare for a show!

  • With today being the deadline for casino license application, all the speculation will meet reality, and the Daily News predicts that four groups will be in the final running for two spots in Philadelphia. Details are given here about the groups and their plans.

  • The Inquirer's year-end look at Center City's resurgance continues today with tales of high-end retail stores that have found (sometimes unexpected) success here.

  • The DN opinion page offers a snarky take on Senator Rick Santorum's flip-flopping on key conservative interests in an apparent attempt to be all things (including principled) to all people...

  • Over at the Philadelphia Weekly, the incomparable Gwen Shaffer takes a closer look at the lawsuit against the payday lending industry. A good overview of the issue, the arguments, and where the money goes, although there's no new development broken here.


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