Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today's eyebrow-raisers

  1. Developers behind a slots and mall proposal for Montgomery County have cozy ties to Governor Rendell. Various folks bemoan the appearances and/or shrug at the commonness of such ties.

  2. More head-shaking over the Ross guilty plea (see here), which included the admission that he was paid hefty retainers tied to Street's staying in office. But not for his presumed influence, of course. The Inquirer editorial page seems to take Ross' crimes a bit personally (but does a good job of summing up the history and significance of the events)...

    [Also note this mixed-metaphor foul on Councilman Michael Nutter: "It makes it crystal clear in high definition the need for a culture change..."]

  3. A new report from the City Controller's Office rebukes the Welcome America planners, particularly for increased reliance on city financing. The Daily News describes the city's responses.

  4. The Inquirer's editorial page also gives a wag of the finger to the Chamber of Commerce's posh wining and dining (and big donations) just before a critical vote. "Civic heartburn," heh..."


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