Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday bits

Nothin' worth reporting in the dailies today. We are indeed in a mid-holiday slump...
  • Dan at YPP continues the conversation about how people choose where to live, bouncing off comments made elsewhere and eliciting some new ones.

  • The CityPaper's "city beat" looks at Florence Cohen's quest to fill her husband's City Council seat. While still sorting out her recent loss, she's trying to offer competing political factions a third way. (See our previous thoughts on this notion here.) Seems that Verna has already made up her mind not to hold an election.

  • The CityPaper also offers a twist on the usual end-of-year stories by looking at the big news from 2004 and What Happened Next in each saga. Some fizzlers, some still going strong. They also offer a quickie month-by-month political overview of the year about to end.

  • The Next Mayor has added a couple of pieces looking at Phoenix as an example of city efficiency. whee.
That'll have to hold you -- I'm off for another long weekend. Happy New Year, all!

Update: a last send-off snark from Philadelphia Will Do, who also notices that there's no news this week...


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