Monday, December 12, 2005

Our government in exile

What to make of the fact that huge political decisions are made and invisible financial networks created at an annual bash in which Pennsylvania's political elite hob nob with lobbyists and other pals in swank New York surroundings? Quaint tradition, sad lack of domestic pride, sign of what's wrong with the system -- there's support for all takes on this marathon schmooze-fest. The Inquirer provided an overview of the proceedings yesterday:
During this three-day-weekend affair, Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum will be feted twice; the state auditor general, the state House majority leader, and the Allegheny County executive will throw their own soirees; and legions of other public officials will be courted by special-interest groups.
An amusing note was provided by a Harrisburg pay-raise activist, who suggested (and organized) an alternative local fest:
"Please bring a potluck item," Stilp wrote on the invitation. In an interview, he said, "Working-class Pennsylvanians can't even relate to the Pennsylvania Society dinner. We want to start a new tradition for the average person: the Pennsylvania People's Dinner."
Meanwhile, Philadelphia's City Council passed a resolution calling for the weekend soiree to be brought back to PA soil, although that would certainly raise turf disputes and other hackles. Zach Stallberg decries the chumminess altogether. John Baer also mentions the occasion, but focuses on the Senate candidates, and particularly on renewed evidence that Santorum is very much interested in the fight. Also some notes on the jostling for position among GOP candidates for governor and Democratic hopefuls for Philly mayor...

In related news, Above Average Jane has two posts on the otherwise unasked question, What is the Pennsylvania Society? (the force behind these out-of-state events)...


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