Friday, December 16, 2005

Other Friday bits

  1. The Inquirer editors give mayor Street a wag of the finger over the system that has led so many of his cronies to crime, and call on him to improve the situation and live up to his ideals.

  2. Arlen Specter speaks up for the Patriot Act, even as a bipartisan group in the Senate is holding it up.

  3. The Daily News provides a run-down of City Council's end-of-year flurry, which included measures covering local matters from noisy neighbors to duck-boat parking.

  4. And finally, the new City Paper, in addition to a photo-journey down Lancaster Ave., gives an insider's summary of the Pennsylvania Society fest in New York last weekend, with name-dropping of the kind that whizzes right by all but the most in-the-know . . .
Have a great weekend and/or winter break, y'all -- if you need some seasonal entertainments, see my presentation of same at JBS.


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