Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday politicians

  1. The Daily News provides more speculations about ousted Justice Nigro: while there's no way he'll be reappointed to his own seat (death for Rendell), he could easily run to reclaim it in 2007. Given that he was sort of collateral damage in the Pay Hike Wars, there would probably be a lot of sympathy for his candidacy.
    [The link also has short bits on other local faces.]

  2. Today's developments in the investigation/prosecution of Phila. City Councilman Rick Mariano include a staffer describing a seedy bribe and the setting of his offical trial date, in March. Some of his co-defendants cooperated partially, so their trials are likely to be held separately.

  3. Philadelphia's smoking ban appears to be on life support, and Mayor Street and Councilman Nutter are each blaiming the other for its pallor. Mmmm, playground petulance.


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