Friday, December 02, 2005

Ethics update (perplexity edition)

  1. The papers report that "5 of 6 ethics bills passed" (DN here, Inq. here). This perplexes me, as I was only aware of 3 new measures up for a vote (new Board, extension of prev. law to competitively bid contracts, web/disclosure rule). It appears that the extra two actions might be essentially clarifications of the previous law (by which I mean the restriction on recipients of no-bid contracts, passed by voters last month) -- one extending it to developers and a second making sure that lawyers and others involved in bond deals are covered (although I think the latter will come by executive order). It's also possible that the additional measures were one to regulate contributions from organizations asking for large monetary assistance from the city, and a second of, um, some other nature. Would it be too much to ask one of the two papers to generate an actual list, especially since the number 6 has never been mentioned before?? Clarifications from informed commenters are welcomed!

    Oh, before I forget (with all my righteous griping), the one that didn't pass was the bill closest to the one already enacted, but extending it to competitive contracts. It was discovered that the logistics of enforcement of this bill would cause it to be unfair to minority subcontractors (see here), and thus it was defeated and will be rewritten into hopefully a more desirable form.

    Update: the Daily News also points out that, conveniently, the defeated bill is one that would have caught Milton Street's antics a few years back, had it been in effect. Better get working on that rewrite!

  2. Dan at Young Philly Politics doesn't think these ethics reforms are enough and that the city needs public election financing. He lays out his reasoning in simple terms.

  3. Wilson Goode, Jr., touts his success with fair-lending regulations. Great to hear. Are the newspapers counting these as ethics measures, or am I still missing some? grrrr...


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