Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Around the Tuesday opinions

  • The Inquirer has an editorial on the prospects for state tax-reform, encouraging the legislature and governor to hammer out their remaining differences. The Editors seem to favor the proposed expansion of state sales taxes, although it's hard to see how that's less regressive than the current property-tax basis for school funding...

  • The Daily News opinion page turns its sights on Philadelphia's City Council, which it reams for failing to roll back the city's business taxes (at least, by a veto-proof margin).

  • A second Daily News piece looks at the predatory practice of payday lending, and hopes that the lawsuit (see prev. here) will succeed where legislators have failed to take action.

  • Finally, the Inquirer reports on a study that looked at Philadelphia citizens' opinions of their local government, revealing that, surprise surprise, many think that dishonesty is a systemic problem...


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