Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday politicians

  • The Daily News opinion page applauds Rep. John Murtha for speaking the plain truth (see prev. here if this slipped by you).

  • GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Lynn Swann continues to play coy about his interest in the race, refusing to officially commit.
    "I am still in the process of exploring" a candidacy, Swann said when asked about his political status at a downtown Pennsylvania Press Club luncheon. "But some people say if it walks like a swan, looks like a swan... ."
    ha ha. What's the trick? Be certain you're going to win the thing before entering? Get donations while you're still unlimited? Something else that I'm missing? Surely the nine months that he's had a political committee have been time enough for considering the actual job...

  • PoliticsPhilly notes that Nutter is still working his smoking bill, even if it's far from clear how the votes can be cobbled together. Perhaps New Jersey's example will provide some ammunition. And/or, perhaps some of the issues surrounding membership in City Council (Cohen, Mariano) need to settle down a bit before taking up contentious bills.


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