Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday news round-up

  • The Kimmel Center is suing its architect because of cost overruns (20%!) and delays in finishing the building (work continued for a year after it opened), which it claims were due to design oversights. Apparently mediation was tried and failed; still, you'd think the four years of acclaim would be worth something...

  • An Inquirer notes that while Mayor Street gets lots of criticism for his role in the federal investigation and other missteps, he gets none of the credit for things that have gone right during his tenure.
    If Ronald Reagan was the Teflon president, Street seems to be the reverse, the Velcro mayor. "All the bad stuff sticks," said Phil Goldsmith, Street's former managing director, "and the good stuff doesn't."
    This has always perplexed me a bit too. It may be largely a reflection of Street's disdain for public opinion.

  • The John Baer at the Daily News offers a Specter overview update, looking at the Senator's health, opinions, and plans for the future. Lively and hard to pin down as ever. No word on T.O. here...

  • Above Average Jane chips in on the TABOR debate (locally called TFA), providing some good links to opposing views and also opining that our legislators haven't really proved that they are likely to have our best interests at heart in choosing from among places to cut spending.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the reasons why Street doesn't get a lot of credit for good things is because he just isn't deserving. Much of the progress the City has made over his tenure is related to the foundation established by the Rendell Administration. Schools - not the City's anymore. His ethically-challenged administration has been an embarassment and the "budget expert" squandered a 300 million dollar surplus on programs like Safe Streets that were designed to get him reelected. History will be even less kind to Street.

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