Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Some brief celebrations

  • New Jersey's acting governor Codey celebrated the effects of his focus on mental health in the state. Other states wonder how they could catch their own governors' attention.

  • An Inquirer editorial shares my joyous reception of the news that Independence Mall may reduce its heavy barricades.
    For visitors to Independence Mall, it's a huge, practical victory. For the cause of liberty, it's a symbolic high-five long in coming.
    . . .
    In shifting to less-intrusive security measures, historic-area visitors should be treated more like guests, less like terror-suspect detainees being processed for internment.
    Amen to that! They also advise that the city continue to watch how future plans are shaped, both practically and aesthetically.

  • Meanwhile, the transit union quietly ratified their new SEPTA contract last night, which should be cause for celebration for anybody who commutes in the region or worries about its image. The smaller suburban union (see prev. here) has also reached an agreement, which they hope to ratify this weekend. SEPTA's board is expected to approve both contracts tomorrow. Onward and upward!


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