Monday, November 07, 2005

Small bits

Honestly, today's papers must be incredibly light, or perhaps reasonably distracted with national scandals and international events, because there were like half-a-dozen local headlines in each. Anyway, these two notable:
  1. The Inquirer editorial page renews its call for a special election to fill Councilman Cohen's vacant seat. I notice that among their list of those interested in the post they overlook Florence Cohen, who looks like an ideal conflict-avoiding choice for the next two years (see prev. here). No signs that Council President Anna Verna is having any of it.

  2. The Daily News has an opinion piece worried about prospects for WiFi under Philadelphia's new plan, joining the Chicken Little contingent. As Dan at PhiladelphiaWillDo put it (here), there may be a race on to see whether the WiFi network or the city casinos will be the first idea to collapse...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flo Co is a good choice if you're for nepotism; that Council seat isn't part of the family business!! Open it up for a free and fair election, no deals, no favoritism!!

10:12 AM  
Blogger ACM said...

Unfortunately, having the City Committee annoint their favorite for the seat is just nepotism of a different sort, and it results in a candidate who has the weight of incumbency behind them two years from now. "Flo" has the advantage of being able to continue David Cohen's work for that time, and of having stated publicly that she wouldn't run for re-election. Then we could really have a free election in 2007, with an open primary and real discussion of issues, rather than a back-room bargaining session among the city's power-brokers. I'd rather leave the seat empty for two years than have the transparency sucked from the election process.

10:18 AM  

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