Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Looking at expense accounts by themselves

PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Cappy, who drew flak for his involvement in the governmental pay-hike this summer, is now calling for a tighter cap on judicial expense accounts. However, the suggested changes are minor (e.g., not charging alcoholic drinks, rather than, say, suggesting cheaper restaurants overall).
Last year, they charged $164,000 -- an average of about $23,400 each -- for expenses including $300 dinners; a conference in the Bahamas; 34 car washes for Justice Thomas Saylor; $375 for membership in US Airways Club; and $1,766 for picture framing, a review by the Harrisburg Patriot-News found.

Those expenses still would be allowable under the changes Justice Cappy proposes, Mr. Darr said.
Why don't we consider some sort of independent commission to examine the size and scope of expense accounts for all three branches of state government (heck, let's throw in Philadelphia's City Council too), and see if we can't make a better distinction between what costs are required by work and what's just gravy being added along the way...

(via Grassroots PA)


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