Thursday, November 17, 2005

It's official!

Ding dong, the wicked pay-hike is dead, the repeal officially voted in and signed by Rendell. Even the Inquirer's reporters got a bit giddy:
The legislative pay raise that bludgeoned approval ratings, gave birth to a populist revolt, and knocked a state Supreme Court justice off the bench died yesterday, succumbing to a severe case of political expediency.
It doesn't require that lawmakers give back the thousands they've already collected in unvouchered expenses (sssss), but many are considering that move; others remain defiant, or say they gave the money to charity.

Following this news, John Baer wonders whether the newfound responsiveness of Harrisburg to PA voters will outlast this repeal. He notes that there's room for further reform. For her part, Above Average Jane thinks it's time to look at pay issues in a rational way, discussing their merits and what conditions might be attached, such as restrictions on outside employment and investments. In net, she says, "If they want a federal salary, let’s have federal rules." That would really be some meaningful change!


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