Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Final election results

PoliticsPhilly has a complete round-up of Philadelphia election results, so I won't recap everything here. A few notes:
  1. Among the judges we endorsed, the two Republicans made better showings than their party-mates, but still not enough to come up to even a third of the votes of the lowest Democratic candidate.
  2. The city also voted to retain all of the judges up for reapproval, although other parts of the state apparently decided to take action against Supreme Court Justice Nigro, sending a serious message about both pay-hike anger and perceptions of his particular ethics foibles. This ejection is unprecedented.
  3. I haven't found final tallies, but the results I saw last night (with about 80% reporting) made it look like (a) about 15% of city voters turned out (better than the 10% expected in off years), and (b) the charter change measure attracted about 85% of the voters who clicked a choice for District Attorney, and probably 55-60% of all voters, both significantly better showings than most ballot questions. It also passed with 87% of the vote, so nobody in the city can claim that the voters don't care about government reform. Good work, all of you who pushed for this forward ethics step! This should give some impetus to the new ethics bills up for discussion starting next week.
You probably already know that Forrester conceded to new New Jersey governor-elect Jon Corzine at around 10 last night, his last-minute round of mud-slinging having perhaps actually widened the gap. Looks like that question about Corzine's Senate successor (see here) now comes to the fore...


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