Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election yappage

A bunch of articles about the election, although, of course, no results until this evening.
  1. The Inquirer has two stories about the competitive New Jersey governor race, pointing out its unprecedented expense and vitriolic finish. Voters are sufficiently turned off that turn-out may be lower than usual.

  2. Tom Fitzgerald also provides a quick summary of the issues and candidates on today's ballots in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

  3. Daily News columnist Chris Brennan finds the whole election a yawner, although he notes that both judicial retention issues and the charter change ballot measure are charged by this year's voter anger.

  4. His colleague John Baer feels that current political events are exciting, including the possible pay-raise repeal, local ethics measure, and possible judge-ousting in his enthusiasm. Sounds a bit like he's sniffing the fumes of revolution...

  5. And finally, cartoonist Signe wonders who could possibly oppose pay-to-play reform? (and snarks a few answers)
Don't forget to vote on your way home!


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