Friday, November 04, 2005

Continued marveling over pay-hike switch

John Grogan is beside himself over the unexpected reversal, and credits sustained citizen outcry with pushing the legislators toward the high road. He hopes this will silence the cynics who claim that "nothing ever changes."
What happened Wednesday was big. It was proof positive that representative democracy in this state still has a pulse. That even the most self-serving politicians can and will be held accountable.

The represented spoke, and their representatives, however begrudgingly and belatedly, responded. Democracy in action. We can all drink to that.
I fear I'm still waiting to be convinced that it's really for real (see, e.g., this). Would sure love to join the party...

The Inquirer Editorial page also celebrates the Power of the People. They note, however, in keeping with my worries, that we can't let up the pressure until the wrinkles are ironed out and an unchallengable version is passed to Rendell to sign -- he wants the judges exempted from the roll-back (and that may be needed to keep things legal). I say, keep the champagne on ice until after a workable measure is finalized, even if it means waiting a couple of weeks to pop the cork. After all the work and ire, that's not much more to ask.


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