Monday, November 28, 2005

Codey bows out

Despite huge in-state popularity and polls showing him in strong contention, acting New Jersey Governor Richard Codey has said he doesn't want Jon Corzine's US Senate seat. He may have not wanted to run against popular NJ scion Tom Kean next fall (he actually chauffeured for the Kean family as a teenager! see here), and as president of the state Senate, he's got plenty of power and more time to spend being a "regular guy" and actually seeing his family. Of course, this leaves plenty of interested contenders for the seat, upcoming battle to keep it or not. Corzine is expected to make a choice in the next couple of weeks and has expressed an interested in picking a candidate who shares his progressive views.

Update: let's not forget (or fail to discover, as the case may be) the Bruce for Senate option...


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