Friday, November 18, 2005

Casino developers not so hot on Philly

It could be the lure of the Poconos, or the fear of the power of Street's gaming task force and its recommendations, but apparently the casino folks aren't so excited about getting dibs on Philadelphia locations.
City locations are hard to find and expensive. Big-city politics can be difficult to navigate. Powerful unions can drive up the cost of construction and wages for service employees.

Then there is the competition for customers. Four casinos, two in the city and two in the suburbs, will all compete for the same local gamblers. Just an hour away is Atlantic City, where casinos pay lower taxes - about 9 percent compared with Pennsylvania's 54 percent of gambling revenue - and can offer card games and a dozen locations.
So far only two wobbly companies have shown interest, with others initially drawn but then having second thoughts. Ok, let's skip the whole thing!


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