Friday, November 18, 2005

Always more ethical considerations

  1. The Inquirer has an editorial today scoffs at the belated legal opinion from the Street folks that bond deals should be exempt from the new contribution/contract regulations. They hope that the mayor follows through on his promise to fix the hole by executive order.

  2. The Daily News opinion page follows up on Dan's post yesterday (here) about the Philadelphia Police's Office of Integrity and Accountability, encouraging the mayor and police commisioner to prioritize finding a new director for the office.
    No one expects a big-city police department to be without problems. But having a clear-eyed view of where those problems are is critical. And the citizens of a democracy have a right to expect that those problems don't remain hidden from view.
    Indeed, and now more than ever.

  3. In case we needed a reminder that vigilance is always needed, even in law enforcement, there's a dust-up in the Sherriff's office over unseemly linkage between real estate transactions and office contract work. The Daily News has apparently been pursuing this story, and presents two parts today: first, the suspension of sheriff staffer Darrell Stewart, who may have been trading in properties acquired through sheriff's office sales; and second, a look at Sheriff John Green himself, who has had personal real estate dealings with folks who get no-bid contracts with his office. Does no-one even have a sense of appearances, let alone propriety, anymore?


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