Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday transit news

Three pieces in the paper today that darken the looming cloud of a potential strike:
  1. The union of suburban transit workers has pledged to join the TWU if a strike is called. This would leave the regional rail running, but remove various trollies and other suburban lines such as the 100 to Norristown.

  2. The Inquirer reports the same (official notice given).

  3. Meanwhile the President of TWU 234 writes a Daily News opinion piece, calling on SEPTA to uphold its end of the wages versus health care bargain.
    Over the decades, union members have accepted less in wages and benefits in return in a deal made for health care. The reason that SEPTA's union employees rank 20th in wages compared to other transit authorities: We made a health-care covenant with SEPTA.
    See also this prev. along similar lines.
I just hope there are actually meaningful discussions going on. The public rhetorical wars seem to indicate that not much progress is being made around the table...


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