Monday, October 24, 2005

Transportation under assault on three fronts

  1. A Sunday Inquirer piece looks at the SEPTA strike threatened for a week from today, and predicts a dire impact on the transit company just starting to benefit from increased ridership due to gas prices.

  2. As if the loss of public transit wouldn't be bad enough, some of the city's cabbies may strike the same day, decrying increases in their medallion fees and the price of gas.
    (via PoliticsPhilly)

  3. Meantime, those driving their own cars may have been at the mercy of price-gouging by the PPA, which has been adding a surcharge onto all tickets written within the city limits. Yeah, this state takeover has really been a boon for citizens!
Update: the PPA defends its fees, which it says are used to keep unregistered and dangerous drivers off the street, thereby reducing city insurance rates.
(No sign of a change in my latest insurance bill...)


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