Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today's opinion bits

  1. The Inquirer's editorial page takes Mayor Street to task for having done nothing with a fund intended to lure businesses to the Philadelphia region and create jobs by decreasing competition between neighboring states and municipalities.

  2. John Baer is tickled pink by the comedic nature of state House Speaker Perzel's recent woes and gaffs.

  3. A letter to the Daily News argues that we have the capacity to appreciate a nuanced story of George Washington, national hero and flawed human being (slave owner).
    Robert Morris' story can be told at the house, along with Washington's, and Adams', and Hercules' and Oney Judge's. I will bring my children to see it all, to learn about liberty and slavery together and grow proud, not of a nation that falsely claims perfection, but of a people who, no matter how far we stray from our chosen path, never stop reaching for justice, and the truth.
    Well said.


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