Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday micro round-up

Just a few quickies today:
  • A few months ago there was much trepidation over the possibilty that Philadelphia's harbor could see shipments of volatile liquid natural gas passing through on a regular basis -- good for business, bad for risks of toxic citywide disaster (see prev. here). Now, however, it looks like the deal is off, at least for the foreseeable future.

  • How to lower state property taxes continues to be a source of great debate in Harrisburg, with numerous plans having been proposed by different parties.

  • The Daily News follows up on worries about soaring heating costs this winter with a triple-header today:
    1. One looks at utility shutoffs for folks who can't keep up with payments and don't know how to find help.
    2. Another looks at ways to cut costs, from plastic wrap to the LIHEAP program.
    3. The last one gives quotes from "regular folks" about the ways they plan to conserve.
I'm away tomorrow, so you'll have to get your Friday news elsewhere. Have a good weekend!

The CityPaper's front page story this week is also about cold/heat worries. A second piece takes a look at how much substance there is to Street's new homelessness plans.


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