Friday, October 14, 2005

Political round-up

A couple of interesting stories today:
  • Most eye-catching was reference to the first poll related to the thick field of potential Philadelphia mayoral candidates, which found that they were closely clustered, contrary to expectations that rumblings from Big Dog Rep. Fattah would clear the decks of lesser choices.
    [Fattah] had support from 17 percent of respondents, to 15 percent for City Controller Jonathan Saidel; 12 percent for Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell; 11 percent each for State Rep. Dwight Evans and Councilman Michael Nutter; and 7 percent for labor leader John Dougherty.
    Of course it's early days, and not all of these players have even declared official candidacy, but this makes it look like it's still anybody's game. Maybe the players will have to distinguish themselves and their visions!

  • Phila. Mayor John Street and PA Governor Ed Rendell appear to be competing to be out front with aid for the anticipated home-heating crisis this winter. The more, the merrier.

  • Daily News columnist Gar Joseph looks at the increasing numbers of government reform-minded citizens and networks in the region, and especially at their efforts to ensure that the first ethics improvement, embodied in the Charter Change ballot measure next month, gets passed.
    The Committee of Seventy's Zack Stalberg said the coalition's goal is to pass the measure by a margin so fat, politicians will realize people are serious about reform. "So, 51-49 isn't acceptable," Stalberg said. "We want 70-30."
    Apparently the wording of the measure is sufficiently opaque that it will take a lot of education and encouragement before voters are likely to feel confident in voting for it. Okay, then; let's get moving!

    (There's also an amusing speculation here about the likelihood of a special election to fill the Cohen Council seat -- Gar thinks Brady couldn't stomache the wrangling.)


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