Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Other Tuesday bits

More lows than highs in this group:
  • Perzel's hapless elementary school visit (see prev. here) appears to have put him directly in the midst of the pay-raise fury in the southwest part of the state (where the voters are, however, in no position to vote him out). The article focuses on the reasons why opposition to the raise is most intense in the Pittsburgh region.

  • The Gaming Board continues to show its complete lack of political radar or even self-preservation when it denies the need for further ethical constraints, specifically a ban on political fund-raising by casino regulators.
    "I have never sought or solicited campaign contributions from anyone with an interest in gaming," [Joseph] Marshall said in a statement issued through board spokesman Nick Hays.
    Oh, well! Now I feel much better.

  • The Philadelphia city controller's office has just reprimanded the school district after a routine audit indicated that capital funds were being used to pay for ordinary expenses. This was money intended for the ambitious plans for new schools and other expansion, but instead some went toward salaries, computers, and renovations. Um, the rest of the article would really interest only accountant types.

  • Meanwhile, over in Dover, one of the two men most central to the creation of Intelligent Design defends it in court. No surprises there.


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