Monday, October 24, 2005

Other Monday(ish) news

  • A new educational collaboration between two lauded institutions aims to offer North Philly students preparation for top highschools in the region through a new private elementary school with tuition on a sliding scale.
    Classes will be limited to a dozen students. Teachers will use Germantown Academy's curriculum, and Project H.O.M.E. will provide social services and support for students and their families.
    A bold idea -- I wish them luck.

  • John Grogan looks at the seedier side of Atlantic City casinos and asks state leaders whether this is really what they're hoping will save Pennsylvania.

  • Another voice chimes in with ideas for saving/improving gas utility PGW: merge it with PECO! The recommendation came from a utility commissioner, who argued that a combined utility would have larger bargaining power in the wholesale market as well as more resources for subsidizing low-income users. PECO officials were none too thrilled, and I'm sure residents would want to know more before creating a monopoly utility monster.

  • The Inquirer editorial page declines to endorse a candidate for City Controller. They say the need for a good one is greater than ever, but apparently they aren't too impressed with the choices. However, it feels pretty clear that they dislike Butkovitz a whole lot less than his opponent.

  • The Daily News has another piece discussing Philadelphia's property taxes, which include plans to revalue all homes in the city (mostly higher) and then reset the overall tax rate (presumably lower). There's a hearing tomorrow at which the fireworks will get underway. Meantime, the chairman of the Board of Revision of Taxes answers some questions about what homeowners can expect the process to look like.


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